5 de abril de 2023

How to Organize Your Kitchen?

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We came to share with you a subject that the vast majority like, but that many times they are unable to do or maintain; I'm talking about ORGANIZATION.
I've always believed in that phrase that what we reflect on our exterior comes from our interior, so in terms of personal or environment-related issues, have you been organized?
To be organized is not a 7-headed bug as the vast majority of people think, YOU JUST NEED TO HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS.

And when it comes to material that will help you organize custom silicone molds are the best option to organize your kitchen; quality and safety materials and the best can be customized according to your needs as you can see a little bit of their website below.

Some tips to help you get organized: Tidying is very different from organizing, organizing follows a logical method, tidying is just putting something somewhere.

STEP 1: Planning is the process of evaluating.
Why do I NEED to get organized? How has being disorganized hindered me in my daily life? After evaluating yourself, it's easier to understand why you need to be organized, and you can already know where to start.

If you didn't already know, silicone products have very resistant material that last an average of 10 years, withstand high and low temperatures, being ideal for storing your packaging anywhere. Silicone is also non-reactive, so it is safe to use for food storage.
In addition to being a durable and resistant material, which we already like, but also the appearance that this organization will provide us with, without a doubt.
To make the environment more fun with different colors or more sophisticated with everything in one color, with the help of silicone products manufacturer, you can organize your kitchen, and decorate it with useful and very versatile products.

STEP 2: The process of finding a place for a given object or item.
Do I really NEED this item? Do I USE this item in my daily life? Do I have a PLACE to store this item? Is it NECESSARY that it remain here? After asking yourself these questions, you've already managed to make a selection of what needs to be removed, and what really needs to stay. This goes for any part of your home or business or even your personal life.
Decluttering is necessary, and removes the weight of things that only brought headaches.

STEP 3: Categorizing is the process of separating objects, articles or pieces of clothing by similar characteristics. HOW MANY pans do I have? Do I have an appropriate SPACE to put them? I need more?
After asking yourself these questions, you will evaluate how and where you will place these items in a functional way for your daily life.
Organizers, as the name already says, are ideal to help you with this function.

4 STEP: Identification: this is the process in which we label the spaces that received each item, facilitating the return and maintenance of the order. WHERE are the towels? HOW WILL I FIND OUT where these documents are?
Then you've probably heard these questions, haven't you?
Identification tags are so that you, or anyone in your home or business, is no longer lost when it comes to finding or storing any item, which is why this step is so important.

STEP 5: Maintenance: is the process of keeping or returning things to the place defined for storage.
Wow how ORGANIZED you are! Wow I ADMIRE YOU, but I can't be like that, I've even tried some warp videos on the internet but I can't keep up. As you are FAST and don't waste time to find things huh!
After following all these steps you will hear this a lot, get ready! And maintenance won't be difficult or discouraging, because you already understood and proved how much being ORGANIZED is not a whim, but changes your day to day.
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Did you like the tip?
Are you going to tell me that you weren't more excited to organize and decorate your home with silicone packaging and utensils?

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