6 de março de 2024

Berlook Review 👙

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Hello World 🌍 

We recently talked about a beachwear brand here on the blog that we had been admiring for a while, and finally, after a bit of waiting, Berlook sent us 2 products that now we can not only admire and talk about the work of this company, but also try and man face and with your own hands, touch and tell you about the quality of these products.

Starting with the quality of shipping, the swimsuits came well packaged and with this super practical bag to store the pieces, it already won me over because I love buying something and receiving a gift or treat from the brand.

The second thing is about the quality of the fabrics, seriously, I had never tried a beachwear piece with as much quality as these swimsuits, their fabric is super thick, they are not transparent and they fit very well on the body, very well, I asked Size S and I'm 1.65 tall and weigh 56 kilos, it was perfect for me. Both swimsuits have lining and a cup to better support the breasts.

The Berlook brand values the environment and sustainable fashion and there is no way not to be enchanted and value this company, my tip for you who still have doubts about the quality of this brand and these products, I can only say this: buy and then Tell me, because you won't regret it.

A next purchase that I'm wanting and admiring are the bikinis, which also seem to be incredible like this one with the underwire that supports and gives a lift to the breasts, and the cherry color is certainly very beautiful and chic.

And you tell me, do you prefer Bikini or Swimsuit?


16 de janeiro de 2024

Berlook Wishlist 📑

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Hello World 🌍 

The world went through some changes and when that happened, perspectives also changed, including large companies focused on a more sustainable world.

In one of my searches I found a store that was born in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, and in the midst of this moment of fragility that was being experienced all over the world, this store emerged, and developed pieces that, in addition to being beautiful, are sustainable for our planet, that's why I like writing about a store like this.