16 de janeiro de 2024

Berlook Wishlist 📑

Hello World 🌍 

The world went through some changes and when that happened, perspectives also changed, including large companies focused on a more sustainable world.

In one of my searches I found a store that was born in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, and in the midst of this moment of fragility that was being experienced all over the world, this store emerged, and developed pieces that, in addition to being beautiful, are sustainable for our planet, that's why I like writing about a store like this.

"- About Sustainability: We believe that offering a wide range of styles and trends is not everything, but above all making environmental progress for a better tomorrow.''- Berlook.

Congratulations Berlook! May we find more stores like this, committed to our planet.

In winter or summer, whatever the season, we need one or more bikinis and swimsuits that will accompany us throughout the year, so here is my Berlook Wishlist:

On my Wish List I opted for the color brown, a color that refers to comfort, safety, focused on nature such as earth, wood, something rustic, an elegant color that can be worn on the beach with a (Bikini) or with a Swimsuit for a summer look. The fabric of this (Swimsuit) and bikini is recyclable, so your look will be sustainable.

(The classic B&W) never goes out of style, besides being a very elegant color, it looks beautiful on any body type. And a more vibrant color couldn't be missing from this list, (orange has everything to do with summer), this beautiful and super delicate swimsuit couldn't be missing.

And have you already created your Wish List on Berlook?

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